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Neuropol 1996 - 1998

Neuropol 000                         Ars Larson "eintopf"

1. "eintopf platten-mix" 9.58 min
2. "ein topf video-mix" 6.59 min
3. "der kampf" 7.55 min

Neuropol 001                     United Artist "u.a. e.p."

produced by André Michelle , Ars Larson, Parkinson, Rhytmusmann

1. "cornflake" 5.25 min
2. "der elektronensturm" 6.20 
3. "cramp" 5.16
7. "die krötenwanderung" 6.07 


Neuropol 002                       Ars Larson "monotone movement e.p."

1. "roll" 8.13 min
2. "endlos" 3.30 min
3. "fließ band" 5.18 min
4. "schtop" 7.00 min


Neuropol 003                      André Michelle "texture e.p."          

1. "texture 1" 6.49 min
2. "texture 2" 3.54 min
3. "texture 3" 7.04 min


Neuropol 004                     Ars Larson "teath"

1. "teath cleansing" 9.14 min
2. "dee-jay" 4.48 min
3. "der prkolator" 6.13 min
4. "mango bassar" 6.29 min (with Elektrolurch)


Neuropol 005                      Ars Larson & Frank Vol. "sen-men e.p."

1. "sen-men" 7.43 min
2. "alla yar - alla yar" 6.55 min
3. "gün-ay-su" 9.14 min


Neuropol 006                     Positron Man "positron e.p."

1. "positron" 8.04 min


Neuropol 007                      Symbiont & Atomi "symbiont & atomi e.p."

1. "übersteuert gefühle" 4.18 min
2. "alien" 7.01 min
3. "ce jour" 6.48 min


Neuropol 008                     Photic Sonar & DJ Desert "der versuch e.p."

1. "walk in my hall" 8.48 min
2. "jet-propelled" 8.07 min
3. "von a-z" 8.44 min


Neuropol CD                   

The best Neuropol Tracks mixed on CD. Inclusive 5 unreleased Tracks by Sundra, Parkinson, N-Noiz, Frank Vol. &  Ars Larson


Shot Records 1998 - 2001

Shot Records Releases

Shot 01 Ars Larson "the technical machine"
Release: 16.11.1998 Shot Release No.1. Ars Larson programs his "technical machine" Straight Kickin DJ-Tool Clubber 2 Maintracks plus extra FX-Sounds

Shot 02 Positron Man "feel"
Release:22.02.1999 Deep frequency basslines are the base to positive thinking Straigt Kickin DJ-Tool Clubber 3 Main Tracks, 1 locked groove & FX Sounds

Shot 03 Ars Larson "tribal hypnotica"
Release:31.05.199 African natives are electronically transferred into the twenty-first century 4 Main Tracks, 4 locked grooves und FX-Sounds

Shot 04 Man X "parade tools"
Release: 08.08.1999 Man X on his way to new dimensions Pumpin club techno tool 3 Main Tracks, 2 Jingels, 2 locked grooves und Fx-Sounds

Shot 05 Einklang "trum-pet e.p.
Release:04.11.99 The "Dynamic Duo" out of Berlin, consisting of DJ Dash and DJ Tias, combines single tracks into a massive climax. Straight stompin clubtrax 2 Main Tracks und 2 locked grooves

Shot 06 United Artist e.p
Release:06.01.2000 Consequently dry minimal funk from Liquid Sky to Tresor Brill different styles of tech 4 Main Tracks

Shot 07 DJ Dry aka 3st "the throughway express e.p."
Release:13.04.2000 Dry puts on an essence of sheer power Straight stompin techno clubtrax 3 Main Tracks

Shot 08 Doppelstecker "four hands e.p."
Release:20.07.2000 Shot´s philosophy: four hands are by far more efficient than just two Atmospheric stompin clubtrax 4 Main Tracks und 4 locked grooves

Shot 09 Irwin Leschet "p´s for nights e.p."
Release: 11.12.2000 His infant bicycle´s battery-driven toy megaphone was Leschet´s first deep musical impact. Straight slamin techno trax 3 Main Tracks und 1 locked groove

Shot 10 Gabriel Ananda "time to rise"
Release:22.02.2001 The tenth release sound barrier is left behind by a new promising talent. 3 Main tracks


Shot 11 Einklang "compiler of comple forces"
Release:04.05.2001 Berlin based techno creates real "Big City Sound". 4 Main Tracks

Shot 12 Big Chief Electric "halbschwarzer schnitt"
Release:25.05.2001 Orginal Track & 3 Remixe

Shot 13 Gabriel Anada "headmusic for bodymotion"
Release:01.11.2001 4 Main Tracks

Shot 14 Ars Larson "ich lieb dich"
Release:14.01.2002 Produced by Ars Larson

Shot 15Sascha Müller "metaplex"
Release:21.01.2002 Produced by Sascha Müller


Shot Toolz 1998 - 2001

Shot Toolz Releases

Shot Toolz 01 Techno "Toolz vol.1"
Release:23.03.2000 produced by Gebr. Noetzel, André Michelle, DJ Dash, DJ Dry, DJ Trias, Don Qui-Shot, Irwin Leschet, Gipetto, The first tool out of the Shot Toolz series. 26 locked grooves, 2 tempochange tracks, 4 Jingles & fx-scratch-sounds

Shot Toolz 02 "Techno Toolz vol. 2"
Release:27.07.2000 Produced by Gebr. Noetzel, Irwin Leschet, DJ Desert, Gipetto, Don Qui-Shot, 42 locked grooves, 2 Jingels & fx-scratch-sounds

Shot Toolz 03 "Elektro Toolz vol.1"
Release:01.01.2001 Produced by Wolfgang Hagedorn, DJ Desert, Ars Larson, Irwin Leschet, DJ Goodgroove & M.Löhr, Rob Acid, DJ Dash, DJ Dry aka 3ST, DJ Link 34 locked grooves, 2 Jingles, 2endless beatracks, scratches & fx sounds

Shot Toolz 04 Ars Larson "1,8" (doppel 12")
Release:29.03.2001 Produced by Ars Larson 105 loops,8 Jingles, Trackintros und Minitracks


Shot Toolz 05 Rob Acid "Fantasy Street" (doppel 12")
Release:14.01.2002 Produced by Rob Acid


Shot Toolz 06 Rampe D"Rampe D Toolz"
Release:28.01.2002 Produced by Rampe D


Shot Toolz 07 Tom Bone & Olaf Noetzel "Jel..s Paradise "
Release: 01.07.2002 Produced by Tom Bone

Shot Records People:

Allessandro Rodegio, André Michelle, Ars Larson, DJ Dash, DJ Dry aka 3ST, DJ Gipetto, DJ Goodgroove & Markus Löhr, DJ Trias, Don Quishot, Gabriel Ananda, Ilga Tick, Irwin Leshet, Olaf Noetzel, Oliver Funke, Oliver Wüst, Ralf Kietz, Ralf Noetzel, Rob Acid, Sascha Müller, Wolfgang Hagedorn